How Joomay become Joomay

JOOMAY came into being in London, while few people sharing the same dreams and values were having a friendly conversation.

Our fashion statement is ‘wearable art’ and this blog is meant to share our attitude towards fashion, trends, people, collections, designers, customers! Our ideas on fashion, trends, people, creations, collections, designers, buyers, customers and admirers, they all belong on our blog.

Creativity and innovation are concepts which we guide our everyday life. We aim to add value and a unique touch to each of our viewers’ personality!
Some fashion designs compliment your body – we compliment your personality!
Our team sees the world from a modern perspective. We love to travel and we consider the world itself as our ‘mother land’.
Bringing together small pieces of international feelings represents our way of creating art that adapts to each culture and belief.

Each of our team members comes along with their own emotions, feelings and ideas; however, we do speak the same language when we gather all these concepts into our unitary ‘wearable art’ masterpiece!
Together, we develop concepts, combining each other’s view on art, traditions and expression!

Valuable people with constructive ideas and inputs always surround JOOMAY so that our path is always spread with continuous innovation and inspiration!
Welcome to our world, it’s definitely going to be a challenge!

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