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It was a sad day for all of us Fashion fans as we had to bid farewell to our beloved Oscar de la Renta who regrettably passed away this week.

It makes us think about all the great designers that created a legacy, a style, a brand, a way of living and left this world richer in beauty than it was when they were born.
It also makes us think about the immense value that men designers add to the Fashion world.

What would Fashion be without a Valentino, a Versace, the Dolce and Gabbanna duo, the amazing Galliano? Surely, it would be less colour, less inspiration, less style and less beauty.

Just because women are considered the “beautiful gender” that doesn’t meant that some men may not bring along more talent and creative spirit when it comes to Haute Couture.

Even in the Middle East, we have Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad. In a culture where men and women are divided, the men are the ones creating exquisite women fashion Haute Couture creations.

It’s impossible not to appreciate and express our thanks to all the men designers that make our life more pleasant and full of wonders. Shouldn’t we appreciate their talent, their devotion and their free spirit that leads them to the edges of creativity?
Their talent and personality is even greater when we see their courage of expressing their concept of beauty, so original and non-comformist in ways that most women are afraid to experience.

So, JOOMAY wishes to express its appreciation to all men fashion designers out there that make us proud and give us millions of reasons to feel beautiful and trendy J

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