The Power of Beauty

It has been said throughout the history that women have always been more frivolous, prone towards material possessions that granted them a fast fading sense of beauty.

Women’s desire of showing off their clothes, accessories, artistic talents ( useless according to some) have always led to the idea that women as happy just by possessing 2 or 3 golden necklaces and a wardrobe filled with clothes.

Our interest in fashion was seen as a second hand hobby, meant to keep us busy while the hubby enjoys his tea.
Well, as time passed by, we were able to prove that we are more than fashion collectors.

It is impossible not to notice the latest tendency followed by huge organisations such as the UN. True symbols of beauty and class have overcame the frivolous idea of fashion and became ambassadors for UN.
When we say UN, we mean exactly that worldwide organisation that defines high ideals and has a huge influence over politics, military organisations and universal culture.

This is the proof that women gained themselves an important status in society. And we are not referring here to political leaders such as Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel; we’re talking here about women that started their careers by showing off their beauty, style, and – perhaps, a little bit of talent ( e.g. Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, etc.).
If we were to look back at their beginnings in the public life, they started off as singers in a girlie band or screened in a fantasy movie or even became famous by leading a promiscuous life.

So the question arises: if we still believe that being passionate about these “frivolous” things won’t make a change, how come UN themselves are asking Emma Watson (we’re talking here about Hermione, from “Harry Potter” indeed) to represent the interests of women around the globe?
How come an actress like Angelina Jolie, initially renown for her sensual lips and high libido managed to be an eye opener for humanitarian issues that other NGOs are trying to emphasize on for years and years with no luck?
How can it be that she became a role model of a mother, the living proof that the world can become a better place and that you can use the attention focused on you as a movie star in order to raise funds for humanitarian work?
Could anyone have imagined that an ex-Spice Girl would become the UN ambassador for UNAIDS? That a former singer, capable of silly tunes, a fashion designer would be chosen by UN to lead the fight against AIDS?

Fame and beauty don’t always bring along addiction and a bad attitude towards commoners. They may also bring along an incredible PR potential that could be used by intelligent women in order to change the world. Because a true, mature woman knows her own ability and potential and is aware that style and beauty can be used in her advantage.

A real woman will always use her image and qualities so that she may raise attention on the topics that only a mother, a sister, a girlfriend could understand.

Today’s Woman is no longer a housewife, waiting for the hubby to come home so that she can ask for few dollars to spare in the church’s charity box.
The modern woman makes the husband realize that they are problems in this world that deserve to be solved and creates solutions for a better future.
Only a mother could wish for a better future for the planet, the same way she thinks of her children’s future as well.

Women all around the world should be proud of their beauty, style, elegance strength, intelligence, energy and confidence.
And the list could go on…..

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