Talk, talk, talk

What do women enjoy more?

More than shopping, more than traveling, more than spending hours and hours at a beauty spa?
They enjoy chatting.
Chatting with each other, chatting with people they just met, chatting with their neighbors.

Some may say that this is because women enjoy gossiping. Well, it is not quite this way! We, women, enjoy meaningful conversations, discussions that make our mind burst into an explosion of thoughts; at times, we admit to be tempted by the meaningless chatting session, when we discuss the latest gossips while sipping on a glass of wine.

When we talk about a topic we love, you can feel the passion in our voice, see the excitement in our eyes and notice the enthusiasm that takes over. Instead of talking about cars, video games or latest gadgets, we chose most of the times to discuss about something closer to the human spirit, warmer, more human.
A pile of iron pieces put together don’t make us that happy. On the other hand, seeing a perfectly tailored dress, made out the perfect, smooth fabric, matching the perfect shoe model and accessorized with the most exquisite jewels…well, that is what makes every one of us sigh J

Even men would have to admit that such an appearance would astonish them as well. For us, women, it’s even more intense. We feel the need of expressing our personal opinion on that, give suggestions on how to improve the overall look.
Why? Because we love it..not only love it, we’re in love with the idea of fashion, style and beauty, in general.

Women managed to transform their conversations into real life jobs. Talk shows are a living proof of that.
We know women who managed to become role models by just doing what they love best: being fashionable and talking about it. Giuliana Rancic is an example that just pops up in our mind.

Rmember Kelly Osbourne in her teenage years? The fat girl, rebellious, the rocker? Well, she did eventually become one of the Fashion Police “agents” and a designer. Now that’s a change. And she does what she loves more: talk about fashion, about style.
Back in the days, women used to gossip at tea parties or at the porch. The topics might have been the same : what are the latest fashion styles, what is this or that woman wearing, where can they get the best fabrics and lower prices for them, etc.
Now, the topics remained the same, but the ambiance has changed. Now, women talk while being watched by millions of viewers every day. They have their own shows, talk shows, reality shows, TV series. And all of them about Fashion, about Style.

One of the most successful TV Series of all times, “Sex and the City” was about 4 women, gossiping and wearing designer’s, fashionable, stylish clothes. Doesn’t that make you wonder? J

All in all, it is a fact that women managed to make their hobby, their guilty pleasure become a billion pounds business, spread and appreciated worldwide: chatting, gossiping and wearing clothes.

Quite an achievement, don’t you think?

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