When Fashion and Art join forces!

Who doesn’t love art & fashion toghether?

But is art and fashion one and the same?  Not quite!

While fashion expresses a statement about contemporary culture, art transcends both time and place, as it encompasses the purest expression of beauty and talent of the artist.

At JOOMAY, fashion and art are seamlessly merged into every product.

By selectively incorporating fashion design into all of our jewelry, we create novel and unique visual effects that are second to none.

At the same time, our veneration for art enables us to transform every piece of jewelry into a wearable artistic showpiece, a goal to which any artist should aspire to.

Our “wearable art” concept is reflected in the masterful amalgamation of colors and shapes aimed at creating more than jewelry: a showpiece that kindles the precise emotions and esthetic experiences within each of our clients souls.

As such, at JOOMAY the artist attempts to integrate colors, shapes, fashion and artistic design into every jewelry, only after a detailed and intricate examination of each showpiece’s potential to become a “wearable art” item.

It is the cohesion of all these factors that differentiates JOOMAY from any other jeweler, and which enables our jewelry to evolve, yet, at the same time maintain an artistic aura that’s timeless.

The result: the most exquisite “wearable art” by JOOMAY.

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