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How we come into beeing

JOOMAY is an European premium jewelry brand founded in London  that wishes to share the love for art and beauty with all its customers.

“Wearable Art” – this is the concept that first brought us together. Transforming each hand made jewely in a masterpiece that the wearer can show off with.
We follow trends, but we innovate in the same time. Traditional artwork is combined with high tech processes. Natural beauty gets along with neon light, futuristic elements.

JOOMAY brought together an artist, a jewelry designer, a craftsman and a writer. This was the original team. And they all realised they shared the same love for both jewelry and beauty in its purest form.
The JOOMAY Workshop became our second home. Hundreds of hours or hard work and brain storming took place in what now become the home base for our fast growing business.
We believe in traditional means of displaying our work. But the love for new ideas and new environment is why we launched our own online store, to be close to everyone who wishes to enjoy the art that we create daily.

But we do believe in personal touch, so we are present in retail shops around Europe and Middle East. Because it is important to use all our senses when choosing a jewel.


The JOOMAY jewel is an impressive three-dimensional appearance, with different types of glow, a perfect blending of transparent volumes and shades of light.
Being crafted with the fretwork laser technique, the jewel gives the impression of a sculptural object, rising from a prop which reminds of ice sculpture; at the same time, the unique combination of hand-painted Swarovski crystals renders it a “painted ice effect”.
Every detail is important in this mix.
Each jewel we create is a piece of artwork. The concept of “wearable art” refers to the balanced and very well-thought structure, each necklace having its own personality.
Not only do we render a beautiful story to the wearer / admirer, but we also make a series of “must have” objects that have a powerful impact upon the viewers.

Each jewel goes through several stages, starting from the design up to its completion, both the concept and the approach being established and closely followed by the JOOMAY designer. Every component is treated separately for a perfect aesthetic and technological blend.
Everything is prepared with a lot of patience and precision, the applying of crystals being a process completed after numerous tests, in order to achieve a long-lasting quality product.
JOOMAY is a mix of light and colour, of old and new, a blend of modern and hand-made technology, combining matt and glossy, transparent and opaque.
We master the contrasts!
We use neon and iridescent colours. It’s a perfect combination of contemporary neon luminosity,

like disco black light, rendered by pure fluorescent colours and pearly shades of vintage brilliance.
The crystals are hand-made painted in pure colours or in mixtures of shades and they undergo further treatment for a perfect fit. The colour fixation processes complete our concept of a long-lasting product.
All this makes your jewel:
A special item, slowly and carefully hand-made
A perfect combination of quality, uniqueness and care
A work of art that has the quality of making you will feel like a goddess.

Women have been known to absolutely fall in love with a JOOMAY jewel.

Our Designer

“Imagination has no boundaries. Creativity has no limits. Talent gives you wings that can make you fly as high as your spirit aims for.”

These are few of the concepts that made our Creative Director the woman she is today. JOOMAY wouldn’t have become JOOMAY without a creator who had a great talent.

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you Carmen Vornicelu, our Creative Director.

Born in Brancusi’s country, in a family were art was encouraged in all its shapes and forms, Carmen Vornicelu was meant to become an artist herself.

The artistic feel was always combined with her entrepreneurship. One of the qualities that define her is her ability to see an Opportunity to grow in every idea, every concept, every conversation.
She makes things happen, no matter how difficult they seem.
This is one of the assets that JOOMAY appreciated. Aiming to create the impossible.

Creativity is one of the abilities that she managed to use throughout her professional projects.
Starting off as an Art Consultant for an Auction House, Carmen was able to work in the artistic field. In the same time, the business skills started developing more and more.
Becoming a founding partner for an advertising agency, Bridge Concept, was the next logical step somehow. She managed to increase the client’s portfolio with 30% in the almost 3 years she was part of this project. Quite impressive, we could say.
Well, since she already had the experience, she became an Agency Director and the Brand Ambassador for Casia Communications. She managed to attract considerable investments for the company she was part of for more than 4 years.
The portfolio she was handling included brands like Lee Cooper Jeans, Ringier, Millenium Bank, Orange Romania, British American Tobacco and many more.
Slowly, slowly, she was aware that her true potential was yet to be achieved. As Carmen enjoys challenges and innovations, it was easy for her to accept the offer of becoming a jewelry designer for a swiss brand.

Her natural talent of combining colours, shapes, textures and artistic trends made her creations famous around the world, where publications like:
Vogue IT, GQ UK Magazine, Red Magazine – UK, ELLE – Belgium, Luxure Magazine, Cosmopolitan UK, Fanancial Time, IN London, Gala Germany, Drew Magazine, Factice Magazine, Wylde Magazine, Grazia Magazine NL, Square Meal, Huf Magazine, Bolero Mag, Beau Monde, had her jewels displayed on their issues.
Having her first creations being worn by Jessie J, Maisie Williams, Tolula Adevemi is quite impressive, keeping in mind that this was her first try-out.

In the same time, her first jewelry collection also made her love for crystals and wearable art become stronger and stronger in her heart.
It was the next logical step to make this happen again, at a higher level, at better standards and with higher hopes.

We’re proud to have Carmen with us.