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Seeing is the most inspiring sense humans possess. It gives us the most information about our surrounding environment. In the same time, it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so it must be a connection somewhere, doesn’t it?:)

We all love and appreciate beauty, as it is pleasant to look at. Human civilization has created Art for a simple reason: to admire it, to cherish it, to look at it.
Thousands of years of Art History teach us that beauty has always been a reason for man to create, to paint, to sculpt, to model.

At first, there was a massive architectural form of Art, that overwhelmed the masses by its posture. Then, there were the statues, that were recreating the human body, the nature itself.
Finally, there was the painting. We might wonder why did it have to evolve this way? Maybe, just maybe, man needed a way to bring art closer to his heart, to his sight. Buying a building and moving it around with you it’s kind of a struggle, no matter how beautiful it might be.
Same goes with a statue.
A painting, however….Well, that would be just perfect. It can accompany you even if you want to move from one room to another or travel to a different city/country.
It is because of man’s desire to admire Art that one feels the need of having it close at all times. Moreover, showing off with it is a just another good reason for it.
During the past decades, Art has taken different shapes and forms. Such as Fashion, Design and – our favourite – jewelry design J

Yes, we do believe that wearing a jewel should be the same as displaying “Mona Lisa” around your neck; trying out a bracelet should be like posing next to Michelangelo’s “David”.

We’re not talking about Art just because it’s a fancy topic and we want to impress you.
Our designer, herself, is a painter.
Our Business Partners have had their ways with some writings and our technicians are all masters of gems.
Well, in such company, we couldn’t have found a better fit for bringing Art to life.
We had the pleasure of showing you guys some of our jewels combined with some paintings close to our heart.
Some creations that our “designated artist” had the generosity of sharing with us.

Talking about our previous topic, where we were mentioning that people like to display Art and show off a little as well.
It is so! Art is made to be displayed, to be shared with the world. And – the more we think about it – the more it seems that jewelry is the creation most easy to display; it brings unlimited joy, both by it’s artistic and aesthetic value. It compliments the wearer’s wardrobe, body but also the soul of the person displaying it.

Don’t you just agree? J

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