c O n c e n t r i c

c O n c e n t r i c by JOOMAY

concentric to excentric


The circle. A beginning… an ending… an infinite movement – all defined by a simple geometrical shape.
It’s basic, it’s simple, and it’s the purest expression of perfection.

Combine this with the innovative hand-painted JOOMAY crystals and see how we create new ways of imagining “Art”.

We’re not “reinventing the wheel” here 😉 We’re just going around, exploring simple concepts that become masterpieces when seen through JOOMAY’s eyes.

JOOMAY loves contrasts. We believe that the simplicity of a Circle – as a geometrical symbol of perfection – complements our complex architectural elements.

So much crafting and hard work is invested in manually painting the crystals, combining them together into intrinsic shapes and volumes.

And so much perfection and simplicity is brought upon by using a basic element, found in nature, in theories, in science, in art – the Circle.

JOOMAY invites you to a cOncentric journey.

We start off by feeling inspired by the JOOMAY woman, so full of personality, class and elegance.

Then, we create “wearable art” jewellery pieces, using high end technology – memory wire, hand-painted Swarovski crystals, acrylic base, manually assembled structures.

Once done, we give it back to the JOOMAY woman who feels inspired in her turn by our complex, yet simple concept. The full circle is complete now.

We truly believe that the JOOMAY Jewel compliments a woman’s personality.

Each of our creations finds a canvas of display in each wearer.

The JOOMAY woman becomes more than a buyer; she’s the final touch that completes our wearable art masterpieces.

Our new collection introduces new techniques, materials and creative structures.

We’re using memory wire, to create simple shapes that become complex creations.

The hand-painted Swarovski crystals complement each piece of jewellery; we combine colours, shapes and textures in reimagined ways.

To add the finishing touch, we’re incorporating Swarovski pearls. But not just any pearls. We dare to add an innovative twist to it.

JOOMAY explores different creative paths with this collection.

Yet, we’re still returning to origins. We keep the same inspiring, unique approach towards jewellery as a concept.

We’re not only set fashion trends – we’re reshaping the concept of accessorizing.



The  c O n c e n t r i c  by JOOMAY Woman


The woman wearing our new collection is determined, mature. Her personality dominates and inspires.

She’s bold, yet elegant and classy. She knows what she wants, but she likes to be surprised.

Her natural beauty compliments our jewellery, the same way our designs meet her expectations. She has dreams and ambitions. And she achieves them with ease.

She’s strong, but doesn’t hide her sensitive, creative side.

Her style is simple, yet imposing. She turns heads, but she appreciates the beauty around her, as well.

The cOncentric by JOOMAY woman sets fashion trends just by wearing what she feels that defines her inner self.

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