“I love fakes because I find such jewelry provocative,
and I find it disgraceful to walk around with millions
around your neck just because you’re rich.
The point of jewelry isn’t to make a woman look rich
but to adorn her; not the same thing. ” Coco Chanel


If this isn’t the ultimate definition of Fashion Jewelry, then I don’t know what is!

Again, let’s take a short trip into the history of jewelry. Back in the Antiquity, jewels were worn only by the rich, as proof of their status. The richer they were, the more jewelry they would display.
This continued to be an actual fact for thousands of years, as nothing changed much. The rich could afford to wear jewelry, while the poor were working hard for a piece of bread.
It’s not until recent times that jewels became accessible; and we have only one trend to thank for that: Fashion.

Yes! Fashion was the one that made jewels a “must” for completing an attire. Fashion was the one that transformed what used to be the symbol of wealth into a symbol of beauty, of style, of class.

It was not the war, nor the cultural movements the ones that transformed the economical value of a piece of jewelry into a statement of one’s own character, personality and taste.
The new trends made jewelry more accessible. It was not mandatory that the accessories should be made out of gold or diamonds, as they would now emphasize the wearer’s creativity and not the pocket.

This way, wearing a jewel became a day to day habit. Unlike the old days, when only the royalty and the bourgeois could enjoy this pleasure, in the modern times, everybody was able to make use of these blessings.
To be honest, I consider that the ultimate effect of this was the fact that “The Woman” was brought into the spot light again. It was the woman who would wear the jewels, the woman who would look splendid displaying a necklace, the woman that would inspire great jewellers into creating masterpieces.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a 7 digits bank account or a very rich “sponsor”. But that doesn’t mean that we should let out beauty fade away because of that, right?

Coco Chanel was right : a jewel should emphasize the woman’s beauty and not the other way around! This is why, even if we wear a million dollars diamond necklace or a $200 bijoux, it is our own personality and inner beauty that will shine more than the jewel we’re displaying.

So, let’s all reassure ourselves that beauty lies inside us and we are lucky enough to live in an age where we have access to thousands of means of displaying this. We have jewels, ladies. Millions of colours, thousands or shades, hundreds of shapes.
What are we waiting for before enjoying every crystal of it?:)

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