We always look up to the ideas, dreams and values that we aspire to achieve during our life time. Our eyes admire the sky and see billions of stars shining from a far-away reign that seems impossible to reach.
What if we’d bring it all to you? The entire skyline, the stars, their glittering light, their cold reflections, their perfect allure? What if we’d invite you to play along with colours, shades and shapes? We’d love to share the JOY of creating art.
What if you could hold a little piece of perfection in your arms, around your neck?
JOOMAY brings to you “JOY by JOOMAY”, the new collection that will enhance the “wearable art” concept in ways you’ve never imagined. We too had a dream of achieving perfection, of making our dreams come true. While we were working on it, we noticed that we were happy to play along with elements that come together in such a natural manner. We found the JOY in each crystal we painted, in each jewel we’ve created, in each day at work shared with talented and happy people.
What we did was to inspire ourselves from the skyline above and we managed to bring pieces of eternity to life.
As children, we dream of touching the stars and we’re told that this happens only in fairy tales. As WOMEN, we are strong enough to make our dreams come true. And JOOMAY can make this happen.
From now on, the stars are going to look up at the JOOMAY Woman instead and admire her style, her beauty and her class.
You bring along your attitude and we’ll make it shine bright like a star on the skyline of art.

So, what do you say, will you JOYn our game ?:)

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