Ain Electric Blue

1,400.00 lei

Product Description

Swarovski crystal necklace
24K gold plated
Manually painted

Adjustable chain length
Lobster clasp fastening

Made in EU

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SS 2018 – Joy by Joomay




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A myriad of crystals meant to compliment your neckline; a smooth, arched shape that will naturally combine with the gold plated chain, becoming a perfect unit. The centre piece balances the rest of the creation by complimenting the overall necklace through its colour and shape. We took a teardrop Swarovski crystal and we made it the “key” of this piece. Our designer took the liberty of playing around with colours, shades and textures, ensuring that each crystal is manually painted; this way, we manage to achieve the tones that match the centre piece just perfect.

Available in

• iridescent blue with shades of fluorescent greens and yellows.
• light turquoise with grapefruit & orange accents.
• white & nude with pale rose
• glittering with color accents : neon red and indigo

All our jewels are 100% handmade and crafted under the direct supervision of our designer and professional technicians.
The crystals used are from Swarovski, inserted in settings attached to a base of cast acrylic material. Special glues are used to ensure a firm grip and to maintain the high quality of the jewel.