Thank you ANNA!

10 rules to follow from the famous “fashion maniac” Anna dello Russo:

1. black outfits make a omologate effects.
2. be carefull with black: don’t put together different tone of black (clothes, stocking, shoes, …) materials reflect the black in different way.
3. sunshine is a big spot on you: it shows all the mistakes.(Cheap fabrics, ruined accessories, dirty shoes).
4. you must feel the weather every morning. Clothes live in the best context like actresses loving the amazing theater.
5. don’t match clothes and its own function: Like rain and trenchcoat, like snow and moonboot, forget it the umbrella at home!
6. wear just night-clothes in daytime. It is unexpected!
7. don’t carry big bags. On the front row they hinder the passage.
8. between shoes and bag? absolutely, amazing shoes matching a perfect pedicure.
They make a right attitude!
9. don’t wearing so much make up.In the morning it does not look fresh.
10. shape up! you must choose outfits fierce and fully shaped.

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