White Events


JOOMAY knows that every woman dreams of her perfect day, of her perfect “White Event” – the WEDDING.
And when that day comes in every woman’s life, JOOMAY wants to be sure that it is perfect.

Ladies, all of us want to be special, unique, admired and in the center of attention on our wedding day.

Be it a classic event or a crazy gathering, JOOMAY will ensure that you wear the perfect jewel to compliment your dress.
This is why we have a special collection just for you, the BRIDE.
Take a look and check out which one is suited for you. And guess what? JOOMAY gives you the chance of working together with our designer to personalize and create your own “wearable art” jewel for your “White Event”.

What do you think, isn’t it just the perfect wedding gift?
Why we do it? Because we believe that a WOMAN should be pampered. And because WOMEN are known to fall in love with a JOOMAY jewel. Hope the groom doesn’t get jealous, though.

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